A pick is almost completely specified by the Blacksmith Base Power in effect when it was created, and its description. The total power (P) of the pick is the product of four factors: Blacksmith Base Power, and three factors corresponding to the name of the pick.

The first name factor is the quality adjective. It may or may not appear. Quality adjectives are chosen from the following list:

  • Abysmal - around 83% if Blacksmith Skill is not upgraded, more if you've upgraded Blacksmith Skill
  • Awful - around 88%
  • Bad - around 94%
  • {no adjective} - around 105%
  • Good - around 116%
  • Amazing - around 123%
  • Incredible - around 130%
  • Astonishing - maybe around 135%
  • Mythical - maybe around 141%
  • Legendary - 136 - 144%

Not all adjectives are available at the start; you have to "unlock" the better ones them by upgrading Blacksmith Skill Average Quality. This simultaneously reduces the chances of you getting the worst available quality (maybe even all the way to 0% chance if you upgrade enough). The effect is very subtle; you have to upgrade 10 times to completely eliminate the chance of Abysmal, and 11 times to unlock Astonishing (with a vanishingly small probability)

The second factor is the "type" or "tier" of pick. It is chosen from the following list:

  • Pickaxe - 100%
  • Sturdy Pick - 130%
  • Power Pick - 169%
  • Super Pick - 220%
  • Ultra Pick - 286%
  • Mega Pick - 371%
  • Hyper Pick - 488%
  • COSMIC PICK - 612 - 648%
  • ULTIMATE PICK - 805%
  • X * GODLY PICK - 1159%

Using a higher level of the Gem Waster (using more gems) guarantees to eliminate the lower tier picks, and increases the chances of a higher tier pick.

The third factor is the enchantment bonus. This is displayed as a + and a number following the pick type (except +0 is not displayed). This is heavily affected by the Gem Waster setting, and slightly affected by the Blacksmith Expertise level. So Gem Waster is quite valuable since it guarantees no low-type picks, increases the chances of better type picks, and increases the chances of getting a higher enchantment level.

  • {no plus} 100%
  • +1 107.5%
  • +2 115%
  • +3 122.5%
  • +4 130%0+7.5*X%

And the fourth factor is the blacksmith base power.

Calculating ValuesEdit

The above values are especulation, and might be off by an unknown factor. To help figure out how this works please see: Figuring out how Pick Types work