When you load a saved game by navigating to a page containing the game or clicking the Reload button, the following things happen:

  • You lose all gold and gems earned since the last save
  • you lose any "active power" points earned since last save
  • the active ore is reset to full HP
  • idle power (above active power, the one that influences the multiplier on the right, not the upgradable one) may be slightly different than it was previously, due to different random factors
  • If  you changed ores since last save, you're reset to the ore you were mining at the time of last save
  • if you had defeated the highest-grade ore available (unlocking another ore) that gets relocked
  • Your gemwaster setting is reset to 1 gem (but your gemwaster levels are still there, you just need to hit the up-arrow button next to the "Craft" button to get to the right one -- but you no longer have the option to cheat by using a gemwaster level from a previous paythrough)
  • Your reported total damage/click is cleared
  • if you were in one of the subscreens (upgrades, help, utilities) that is no longer shown